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Step into the magical realm of Fairy Chic Chalk Paint!

This range of traditional chalk paints was developed by an artist, and it shows, as the colours across the range have been carefully selected to complement each other.

Furthermore, each colour is named for, and bears a picture of, a different fairy. Each fairy has a unique character, as you will see when you browse the range of colours.

The enchanting delights of Fairy Chic Chalk Paint make it a great choice when introducing younger hands to the world of creating and upcycling, but it is still a high-quality product for the discerning adult user.

Fairy Chic Chalk Paint:

  • is water-based and non-toxic, with no VOC's;
  • has no odour;
  • is safe to use around children or animals;
  • is vegan - no testing on any animals.
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