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Maker | Stag Minstrel

Stag Furniture

Stag Furniture was a British mass market manufacturer that made some outstanding modern designs.

Between 1952 and 1964, Stag worked with architects John and Sylvia Reid. The Reids produced some of Stag's best known and most successful designs.

Stag Minstrel

Minstrel, introduced in 1964, was an update of the less-successful Madrigal range. It became Stag's best-selling furniture range.

It was based on Regency designs, updated to suit modern tastes and practical requirements. Made from Makore (African cherry) including both solid wood and veneered finishes, it had clean, elegant lines and simple brass hardware. The simplicity allowed a wide variety of pieces to be produced, all instantly recognisable and perfectly matching.

Stag Minstrel has more recently undergone a resurgence in popularity thanks to its quality of build, coupled with elegant and classic lines. These pieces form the perfect canvas for modern makeovers. A look popular with both interior designers and the style-conscious who seek out beautiful, functional and sustainable furnishings.

Minstrel was good value for money, and was in production for nearly forty years. It remains widely available, so it is generally not hard to find matching pieces to extend a collection.