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How much will it cost?

Shipping is free to the British mainland.

If you need delivery to Northern Ireland, the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Wight or Lundy, there is likely to be an additional cost. Please contact us prior to purchase with details so we can obtain an estimate for you.

We generally use couriers operating a single-person service. For larger items, that means that they will need assistance from you when delivering. If that is not going to be possible, then we will need to arrange for a larger delivery team. Again, please contact us prior to purchase so we can check if there will be any additional cost for you.

When will the furniture arrive?

I aim to have furniture delivered approximately two weeks from receiving the order.

This is subject to the availability of couriers, so may not always be possible, particular at busy times such as near Christmas.

If you have particular requirements, for example that delivery be before, on, or even after certain dates, then please let me know as soon as possible: I will do everything I can to accommodate you.

Due to space constraints I will generally not, however, be able to store furniture for long once it has been sold.

Who delivers furniture?

I work with a small number of selected couriers that I know are experienced in delivering furniture and that I trust to offer a reliable service.

After an order is received I establish which of them is best-placed to carry out the delivery, and arrange for the furniture to be collected.

I keep you fully informed until the furniture has left me.

Once the furniture has been collected, the courier will contact you directly to arrange a delivery time. I will also give you the courier's contact name and phone number so you will be able to recognise their calls.

Please note that delivery is generally organised to be to the front door. Any arrangement to place furniture inside, and, in particular, to take it upstairs, is strictly between you and the courier and will be entirely at their discretion.

Will it be safe on the journey?

I carefully protect all furniture with specialist wrap. Any vulnerable areas receive additional protection as required.

If the worst does happen, and your furniture arrives damaged, let us know immediately, including photographs of the damage, and we will discuss how best to remedy the situation.