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Range | Bunty's Primer | Description

Are you looking for an eco-friendly water-based primer for your furniture painting project?

Bunty’s primer is the perfect foundation coat for your furniture, giving you a smoother finish by filling in all those open grains you get after sanding wood.

It's far more cost-effective than using your expensive paint for coats that you will never see.

Bunty's primer is also an adhesion primer making it the perfect solution for painting onto slippery non-porous surfaces such as glass and melamine.

Simply apply with a brush or roller, then allow the primer to dry thoroughly before applying your favourite furniture paint.

Bunty’s No 1 Adhesion primer is available in both white and grey 500 ml pots.

Handy tip:

  • Choose white primer for use under white, light and bright colours
  • Choose grey primer under neutral and dark colours