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Range | Zibra brushes | Description

Are you wanting to paint a piece of furniture or decorate your home?

Have you ever thought, "If only I had the right brush for the right job this task would be a whole lot easier?"

Are you looking for a brush that is easy to use, easy to clean, doesn’t leave brush marks and, best of all, doesn’t shed its bristles?

The nine designs of brush in the range are as follows:

  • Square: for painting narrow surfaces, window ledges and narrow mouldings, chairs, furniture
  • Chiselled Wedge: for painting on edging, trims, detailed mouldings, flat surfaces, architraves and skirting boards
  • Fan: for painting on all shapes and sizes of mouldings
  • Round: for painting spindles and legs
  • 2" Angled (Next to trim): a flat brush for precise painting next to trim or for accurate cutting in to an edge
  • 2" & 2.5" Angled (On trim): for painting on trim around doors, ceilings and on skirting boards, and great for flat surfaces too
  • PalmPro (On trim): for general surface painting and hard to reach areas
  • PalmPro (Cut in): for precise lines and cutting in