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Fleur Eggshell - F84 Greta

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A name that has become synonymous with a global ecological movement in which the voices of many young leaders from all over the world converge, girls and boys who are not afraid to challenge the great powers. A decisive, intense and unusual green, which well reflects the ability of these new generations to be outside the box, because being different today is the real super power.

  • "Eggshell" finish: slightly satin (20% sheen)
  • Excellent adhesion: no need to prime on most surfaces
  • No need to protect with varnish: washable colour
  • Excellent brushability: it spreads quickly
  • Eco-friendly: minimum levels of VOC, and recyclable packaging
Interior, Furniture, Wood, Green, Blue, Medium, Midtone
Fleur Eggshell F84 Greta - 330ml

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