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Bunty's - Mineral Paint

Are you looking for a paint that requires minimal preparation, is easy to use, dries to a smooth, brush-mark-free satin eggshell finish, has great coverage, and is durable with no need to varnish?

Available in a gorgeous range of 36 beautiful colours, and in two pot sizes — 500ml, and 100ml project pots — Bunty’s Mineral Paint is a furniture painter's paint, perfect for professional furniture painters, keen upcyclers, and crafters. Bunty’s is a British-made mineral paint, made in small batch quantities right here in the UK in Worcestershire.

Bunty’s Mineral Paint is an all-in-one furniture paint, so it is self-priming, self-levelling and self-sealing. Self-priming means that Bunty’s Mineral Paint does not need a primer on most well-prepared surfaces; self-levelling means that it leaves a smooth finish without leaving ugly brush marks; it is self-sealing because it has a built-in top coat, so no need to varnish it for extra protection.

Bunty’s Mineral Paint is waterproof and contains a UV filter to prevent fading both in the home and outside.

It is all these properties which make Bunty’s paint ideal for painting both indoor and outdoor projects such as garden furniture, garden décor, fences, and summer houses.

The quality of this paint is exceptional with a price point even more so.

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