About me

Hello, and a very warm welcome.

Here is a little bit about me and what I do.

My business is all about saving good quality and serviceable furniture from being destroyed and taken to landfill. It's an alarming fact that in Great Britain alone over 300,000 tons (22 million items) of reusable furniture are thrown away every single year!

Having trained in interior design, and been taught and mentored by some fantastic people in the painting world, I have been restyling vintage furniture now for almost 10 years. I only use high-quality, eco-friendly paints and products. I love to transform my pieces from dowdy to desirable, so they can once again take pride of place in their homes.

I don't only paint furniture to sell: I also offer a bespoke commission service. You may have a piece of furniture that has been handed down to you, or a piece that is no longer quite on-trend. Why part with it when it can be restyled for you to give it a new lease of life. Old is the new new!

I like to incorporate colour and pattern into my pieces: this could be a beautiful wallpaper or a fabulous stencil. I love dark neutrals and earth tones, but I will sometimes add a pop of vibrant colour for that surprise twist.

I also run painting workshops in my studio at Brailsford. Set in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales, the studio is light-filled and it even has a balcony! It makes for a relaxing, informal and friendly environment to brush up on your painting skills.

I have a great range of furniture paints, decorating paints and decorative products. I love them and I am sure you will too. So, no matter what painting project you have in mind, I have got you covered

Here are the links to all the fabulous paints and products I have available for you to purchase:

Godfrey’s Ear is part of Fur.nish UK, an elite collection of recognised and approved furniture artisans.