About us

Hello, and a very warm welcome x

My name is Caroline, and I am the owner of Godfrey’s Ear.

Before I tell you about what I do, I will start by letting you into a little secret — the story of where the name of my business came from...

Godfrey is a wooden giraffe: he is only three feet tall, but he has a huge personality! He sadly lost an ear after being attacked by my cat, and he looked very silly with only one ear. Reluctantly I decided he would have go to wooden giraffe heaven, aka the tip.

But I felt sorry for him and decided to try and rebuild his ear, which I am pleased to say was a success. I then découpaged him and added a large bow to make him look very handsome.

It then struck me, that I had taken quite a normal looking giraffe, and made him into something quite beautiful. So what better name could I choose to truly reflect my business, which is to restyle and relove vintage furniture, than Godfrey’s Ear!

Well that’s enough about Godfrey. He may be the star of the show, and handsome and all that, but I am the one who has to do all the work round here, so this bit is about me and what I do...

My passion is to give old furniture a new life!

I originally trained in Interior Design at KLC School of Design. Building on that experience, and having been trained by some of the best people in the industry, I then set out to paint quality pieces of furniture at a realistic price, combining this with a friendly, approachable and down to earth service.

I love to incorporate colour and pattern onto my furniture: this could be a beautiful wallpaper or a fabulous stencil.  I especially love working with dark neutral tones, but will also add the odd vibrant colour for that surprise twist. This industry is ever-evolving and I choose to evolve with it.

I use, and stock, both mineral and chalk paints. With their self-priming, self-sealing and self-leveling properties, the mineral paints give a sleek contemporary finish. The chalk paints are so versatile you can work them to suit your look, and are perfect for ageing, blending and contouring!

In brief:

  • I am a stockist of:
    • Dixie Belle Mineral Chalk Paint,
    • Annabell Duke Mineral Paint,
    • Autentico Chalk Paint, and
    • WoodUbend Decorative Mouldings.
  • I paint and sell furniture.
  • I can paint your furniture.
  • I run furniture painting workshops.