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Fleur - "Chalky Look" sprays

These contain Chalky Look paint, but in a spray!

The name "Chalky Look" refers to the very matt finish, as this paint offers a sheen level below 2%.

This is an acrylic paint containing silicates and fine minerals. It is these elements that when the light hits the surface gives the intense vibrancy of colour that you would not otherwise see in a matt paint.

Chalky Look is not an open paint the same as chalk paint, it just appears chalky. Unlike chalk paint, Chalky Look is sealed and so doesn't require a wax or varnish to make it stick to the substrate. You can apply a varnish for added protection if desired: I would recommend a matt varnish to retain the chalky look.

All colours come in a 300ml can; selected colours also come in a 100ml can

See a Fleur colour chart (showing range and container size availability), or read more about Fleur.