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Fleur - Metallic sprays

Are you looking for water-based metallic spray paint to achieve quick results with a luxurious finish?

Fleur metallic spray paint is perfect for furniture painters, upcyclers, and crafters. It's a fantastic time-saving alternative to hand-painting and great for those smaller projects, such as spraying hardware. You are guaranteed to have a brush mark-free finish, giving you a professional look to your project and best of all you don’t have to wash your brushes, just sit back and admire your work.

Fleur metallic spray paint is ideal for small furniture upcycling projects such as chairs, cabinets or tables, the inside of drawers, stencilling, easy ombre effects, shabby chic, hardware, mirror frames, vases, bottles, ornaments, clothing accessories such as hats, bags, buttons and shoes. It can also be used for crafting, art and mixed media.

Fleur metallic spray Paint is an acrylic paint containing fine minerals and natural pigments. It's super-fast to apply and offers great coverage, it dries quickly too, and it doesn’t drip.

Fleur Metallic spray is water-based and so can be applied indoors if you prefer, though I do recommend you cover the surrounding area to avoid overspray. The paint has a slightly earthy fragrance whilst wet.

This paint has excellent adhesion properties, it can be applied over most absorbent surfaces such as raw wood, terracotta, bisque, concrete and canvas, as well as non-absorbing surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, laminate and varnished wood.

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