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Posh Chalk - Creative pastes

Are you looking to add interest, texture and dimension to your crafting or upcycling project?

These Posh Chalk creative pastes are so versatile and they are so easy to use. They are great for mixed media, art, crafts and furniture upcycling.

Simply apply them with a paint or stencil brush, trowel, palette knife, spatula, squeegee, sponge, patterned rollers, stamps, mesh, the possibilities are really are endless.

They work great through stencils giving a raised effect, buts what’s super exciting is if you apply heat with a hair dryer or heat gun while it’s still wet you will see your paste pop, it bubbles up and forms a hard hollow shell, which literally takes your stencil to the next level.

This is a highly pigmented water-based product has great adhesion properties and can be used on most surfaces such as metal, wood (bare and painted), metal, wood, plaster, cardboard, plaster and glass.

There are 18 beautiful smooth colours, and 3 textured, in the range, and you can also mix the pastes in your very own custom combinations Any topcoats can be used on this product but are not necessary.

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