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Posh Chalk - Decoupage papers

Are you looking for a high-quality statement decoupage paper that really stands out from the crowd?

Choose from this truly exquisite collection of deluxe decoupage papers from Posh Chalk brought to you in collaboration with House of Mendes.

Jonathon Marc Mendes ‘Painted Love’ is a renowned furniture artist and photographer based in Lincolnshire. Since 2017 he has been Annie Sloan’s painter-in-residence and has travelled the world demonstrating, teaching, and inspiring thousands of people through his passion and unique talent.

These beautiful designs combine a curated selection of stunning fine artworks in conjunction with Jonathon’s own beautiful artwork and photography. The subjects include flora and fauna, mythical and historical figures, and decorative monastic panels. This collection is a limited edition so as to retain exclusivity and freshness to the brand.

The designs are printed onto durable high-quality rice paper which has special fibres adding strength and enabling the papers to become pliable, stretchable, and easy to use on both flat and contoured surfaces.

The papers are available in sizes A1 & A3 which makes them versatile additions to your furniture upcycling, craft, or art project. They can be applied to many surfaces such as wood, glass, metal and plastic.

Decoupage glue

Apply your decoupage papers with Posh Chalk Infuser and use the same product to seal your decoupage project once it has dried.

Top Tip: Use the same product to stick your decoupage papers down as you do to seal them, this not only saves you from using multiple products, but it reduces the chance of air bubbles occurring under your paper.

Decoupage brushes

Posh Chalk smooth and blend brushes are perfect for applying your decoupage glue, smoothing down your delicate decoupage paper and sealing it once dried.

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