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Rose55 Design - Natural furniture waxes

Are you looking for natural handmade beeswax or vegan furniture wax to protect your woodwork and newly painted furniture?

Artisan-made and hand-poured in small batches in the UK, in Bristol to be precise, by a lovely lady called Jordan Rose. A gorgeous selection of furniture waxes containing only pure and naturally sourced ingredients.

This collection of furniture waxes is perfect for feeding and nourishing natural wood, or they can be used over painted furniture for added protection and to give your paintwork a silky-smooth finish with a soft sheen. Also, freshen up tired drawers to give them a new lease of life and a lovely fresh smell with a choice of fresh subtle scents.

Apply with a clean brush or lint-free cloth, leave for 10-20 minutes and buff with a clean lint-free cloth.

Always apply on an inconspicuous area first to see the effect.

Choose from an exquisite selection of natural fragrances comprising Sweet orange (Beeswax), Lime Zest (Vegan), Fresh Linen (Vegan), and Rosewood (Beeswax and Vegan options).

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