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About my furniture

I want you to be reassured that when you buy furniture from me you can have complete confidence in the quality of my work.

Preparing furniture for painting

Before I even pick up a paintbrush, all my pieces are fully prepared.

First, any necessary repairs are carried out, such as fixing loose joints, making sure drawers run smoothly, filling holes, etc.

I then follow all the paint manufacturers' guidelines depending on the surface I am going to be painting onto.

Some paints need the surface to be sanded completely, some need a scuff sand, some just need the surface to be free of dirt and grease, some will need a primer and some will need a bonding agent if the surface is slippery, such as melamine.

Getting the perfect finish on furniture

Some paints need to be waxed or varnished, others have a built in acrylic or eggshell finish. The pieces are finished in accordance with the paints used and I will always state what finish has been applied if applicable. If, for example, a piece has been painted in mineral paint, but you would prefer it to have added protection please do contact me to discuss: I am more than happy to work with you.

I take the greatest of care to produce a good quality finish. However, these are vintage pieces that have had a long previous life. They are also hand-painted and hand-finished. In my opinion, any minor imperfections that may be present as a result of both of these factors contribute to their character, charm and history.

I am always happy to provide additional photographs if required. Also, I would be delighted to welcome you to view my furniture so that you can see the standard of my work for yourself.

When your new furniture arrives

It will include some care instructions and some paint, so that if you do have a small accident you can easily rectify it.

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