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Range | Posh Chalk Pigment Powders | Description

Are you looking to add that extra finishing touch of glamour and sparkle to your project?

These opulent and vibrant pigment powders can be mixed with the Posh Chalk Pigment infuser and you will see them instantly turn to molten-like liquid metal right before your eyes, creating a jewel-like metal paint.

They are so versatile; you can create anything from a wash to a paste depending on the project you have in mind. The pigments can be mixed with top coats, varnishes, waxes and paint. You can sprinkle them directly onto your wet painted surface for that extra shimmer, or use them to stencil a beautiful design onto your piece. Dry brush them onto carved detailing or paint trim details to really make them pop. They also work great with epoxy resin and acrylic paint pours.

There are thirteen beautiful colours in the range, you can also mix the pigment powders together to create your own custom combinations.

They can be applied with a paint brush or roller depending on the size and nature of your project.

You can apply the pigments to many surfaces such as wood, metal glass card and plaster.