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Fleur Real Rust

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What is Fleur Real Rust?

This is a set of water-based professional products, available in two shades of colour. The Rust product contains iron microparticles which, thanks to the Reagent, oxidise to create a real rust coating on any surface. Apply with a roller, brush or with a sea sponge, depending on the desired effect. As a final step, block the oxidation process with 2 coats of the appropriate finish.

How do I apply it?

Mix the product Rust (or Light Rust) and apply two coats. Let it dry 2-3 hours between one coat and the other. Apply the Reagent unevenly.

OPTIONAL: Insulate the surface with the special Primer.

To speed up the oxidation time, mix the colour Rust (or Light Rust) directly with the Reagent in a 1:3 ratio.

Once the desired result is obtained and after letting it dry, apply 2 coats of Anti-Oxidant Finish to stop the oxidation process, waiting 2-4 hours between the layers.

How much will I need?

  • The anticorrosive Primer is optional, and covers approx. 10m²/L
  • Rust and Light Rust each cover approx. 8m²/L
  • The amount of Reagent required will depend on the desired effect
  • The Antioxidant Finish covers approx. 16m²/L
Fleur Real Rust - primer - 130ml

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