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About Cling On! brushes

A little bit about the amazing Cling On! Brushes and why we furniture painters are so excited about them.

Cling On! brushes: beautiful brushes, beautiful results

A unique paint brush designed and created by a man who painted for a living and who knew exactly how a paintbrush should look, feel, perform and last.

Cling On! brushes are the innovative design by Frank Michielsen. In 2007, having over 30 years of experience and expertise in the painting industry and not being satisfied with the brushes on the market, Frank decided to create his own paintbrush. After four years of careful development the Cling On! brush entered the arena and took the furniture painting market by storm worldwide.

Cling On! The best paintbrushes for water-based paints, varnishes and stains

Hand holding Cling On! brushes

Cling On! brushes are handmade in Holland. They offer a superior paint application solution for all water-based paints. The elements of the brushes combine the very best blend of specially engineered synthetic filaments in a variety of lengths and diameters. These filaments are manufactured in the US by the industry leader DuPont. Because the filaments are so smooth, silky, and flexible, they can hold plenty of paint resulting in a flawless finish.

The filaments are fully embedded in a base of epoxy cement. That means zero filament shedding, or, in other words, no annoying loose bristles. The brush features a stainless-steel ferrule and a solid beech wood handle. The long slender handle gives the perfect counter balance to the brush for ease and comfort of use.

The Cling On!'s filaments have a special dye coating and are designed to have 'wet feet'. This means that from the first time you use your Cling On!, between coats and for storage, the filaments need to be kept wet. The filaments retain their stiffness in the water and retain their original shape.

The Cling On! is built to last. With the right care it will last you for many years, so they really are worth the small initial investment.

Cling On! brushes are the go-to brush of professional furniture painters and upcyclers. What better brush to choose as a beginner on your painting journey than one that will give you the confidence to achieve great results?

Why I love my Cling On! brushes

There's only one thing worse than chasing a stray bristle across your wet paint, and that’s finding the pesky things in your paint after it has dried so you have to pick them out then make good where you have removed them. You don’t have this problem with a Cling On!

I have to admit I am very lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes. I have a very bad habit of leaving them in an airtight bag or in a bowl of water and coming back to them days later only to find they are slimy, smelly, and half the bristles have stuck together. But even when I do keep on top of my brush cleaning, they still get crusty round the ferrule. You don't have this problem with a Cling On!

They are beautifully counter-balanced, which provides better control of your brush. They are excellent for cutting-in, and the smooth, flexible bristles glide beautifully across the piece you are painting. Cling On! brushes really are a pleasure to work with.

Bertie, Caroline's first Cling On! brush

I still have my original Cling On! brush ('Bertie'), which is an R20. I have had him for about 5 years and he has far outlived any of my other brushes. As a professional furniture painter, I use him almost daily. I can't even think how many pieces I have painted with it during this time. It's like an old comfy pair of slippers: I love it! Bring on the Cling On!

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