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Cling On! - Paint brushes

Cling On! brushes are handmade in Holland and offer premium paint application for all water-based paints.

The elements of the brushes combine the very best blend of specially engineered synthetic filaments in a variety of lengths and diameters. These filaments are manufactured in the US by the industry leader DuPont. Because the filaments are so smooth, silky, and flexible, they can hold plenty of paint resulting in a flawless finish.

The filaments are fully embedded in a base of epoxy cement. That means zero filament shedding, or, in other words, no annoying loose bristles.

The brush features a stainless-steel ferrule and a solid beech wood handle. The long slender handle (apart from the short-handled models) gives the perfect counter balance to the brush for ease and comfort of use.

The Cling On!'s filaments have a special dye coating and are designed to have 'wet feet'. This means that from the first time you use your Cling On!, between coats and for storage, the filaments need to be kept wet. The filaments retain their stiffness in the water and retain their original shape.

The Cling On! is built to last. With the right care it will last you for many years, so they really are worth the small initial investment.

Cling On! brushes are the go-to brush of professional furniture painters and upcyclers. What better brush to choose as a beginner on your painting journey than one that will give you the confidence to achieve great results?

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