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About Fleur

History and inspiration

A historic Italian building

Fleur paint is made in Italy. It is produced by a family-owned business established over 80 years ago and run today by the third generation. A company that is championed for its Ethics, Values and Quality.

Fleur paint is made using ancient and traditional recipes, based on a high content of the purest, finest and natural pigments that refract and diffuse the light, giving the colours exceptional vibrancy and depth. When the light hits the pigments, the entire surface is illuminated and it’s this element that gives Fleur paint such a unique finish. In other words, you get the mattness without the flatness.

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The paints

Hand-painted swatches of Fleur colour

Fleur paint comes in two finishes, Chalky Look and Eggshell. There are over 80 beautiful colours in the Fleur range. The colour palette offers the perfect juxtaposition, capturing the historic and traditional shades with their timeless charm with the inspirational shades found in the designer world of fashion and interiors. Each colour is characterised by a unique luminosity and colour depth.

Fleur paint offers excellent coverage and adhesion, with no need to prime or sand on most surfaces. It's self levelling too: you can see the brush strokes disappear before your eyes.

Fleur paint can be used on wood, stone, terracotta, metal, decorative glass and plastic.

In addition, Fleur offer an array of decorative finishes including metallics, pearl paint, pouring mediums, etc.

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Fleur and the environment

Hand-painted colour chart, brown string and a hand stamp

A love and respect for the planet and the environment are at the forefront of Fleur’s ethics, philosophy and identity. That’s why they have created products that...

  • ... are eco-friendly
  • ... are very low in VOC emissions (2 g/l)
  • ... have fully recyclable packaging made of glass, cardboard and aluminium

The new mantra of designers 3.0 is “RECYCLING, REINVENTING and REUSING, because there are endless possibilities to give new life to old materials.”

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