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Fleur - "Chalky Look" paints

Are you looking for a paint that requires minimal preparation, is easy to use, dries to a smooth, brush-mark-free highly matt finish, has great coverage, and is durable with no need to varnish?

Fleur Chalky look paint is not chalk paint, but a water-based acrylic paint with an extreme matt chalky look finish.

What makes this paint so unique is the combination of this matt finish and the vibrancy of the colour pallet. You will have heard the term flat matt and this is normally the effect when combining a matt finish with colour.

What makes Fleur so different is the special combination of minerals contained in its recipe which refract and diffuse light on the painted surface giving it new dimensionality. Light and shadow are emphasised and the colour reaches unique vibrancy and incredible depth.

Fleur Chalky look is great for upcycling a small piece of furniture, such as a bedside cabinet, chair or coffee table.

This paint works exceptionally well for pouring and marbling techniques, as well as creative crafting and artwork.

It's easy to use: you can apply it with either a paintbrush or roller. The paint offers great coverage and it will adhere to most surfaces without the need for a primer. It self-levels so you won’t get unsightly brush marks and it dries to a super smooth matt velvety finish. Best of all you don’t need to wax or varnish it as you do with chalk paint.

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