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Cocktail cabinet, 1930s Great Gatsby

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Art Deco cocktail cabinet with classic 1930s styling and a Great Gatsby inspired design. Dark teal blue with liquid gold leaf design. Vibrant Club Tropicana interior


Are you looking to invest in your very own luxurious vintage drinks cabinet?

Imagine hosting an enchanting and magical evening with your family and friends, where staying at home for drinks is just as glamorous as going out. Where you experience the opulence of a luxury cocktail bar and you are the master mixologist wowing your guests with your repertoire of tasty tipples.

When is a linen cupboard, not a linen cupboard? When it's transformed into a chic cocktail cabinet...

Art Deco sophistication meets Club Tropicana in this beautifully reimagined cocktail cabinet.

Originally a vintage linen cupboard, this piece has been given a new chapter in life in more ways than one. and whilst the outside might exude sophistication and elegance, reminiscent of the Great Gatsby era, with its oh-so-stylish Art Deco design, the inside is a riot of colour and whimsy—a true invitation, to get the party started.

Painted in Fusion Chestler, a captivating blue-green hue, this cabinet boasts liquid gold leaf detailing on its feet, hardware, and stencilled accents, adding a touch of opulence to its exterior.

So far, so Great Gatsby, but what about the Club Tropicana vibe...?

Well, when you open those doors, you're instantly transported to a tropical paradise, with a delightful parrot wallpaper featuring colourful cockatoos and macaws. It’s so lifelike, if you listen very carefully, you can almost hear the calls of the jungle, and the faint strains of Carmen Miranda joyfully singing ...Chicca Chicca Boom Chic! with her handsome co-star.

Inside it boasts two handy glass hanging racks and a motion-activated illuminator, ensuring seamless hosting. Beneath the two doors, you'll discover two spacious drawers, offering ample storage for cocktail essentials, linens, and cutlery. The perfect cabinet to house your drinks collection in style.

And to complete the tropical theme, a leaf transfer in radiant gold and glitter embellishes the surfaces, adding a touch of class to the interior.

Whether you're hosting a lavish soirée reminiscent of The Great Gatsby or simply unwinding with a nightcap in style, this cabinet promises to set the stage for unforgettable moments of indulgence and sophistication.

So why not bring the hidden spirit of Club Tropicana into your home and let the festivities begin?

Key features
  • Art Deco design
  • Drinks cabinet
  • Classic 1930s style furniture
  • Unique cocktail cabinet
  • Drinks storage
  • Gin Bar
  • Deep blue green
  • Vibrant gold features
  • Fully painted inside and back and underneath
  • Decoupaged inside back
  • Interior motion sensor light
  • High quality, durable and water-resistant, low VOC/eco-friendly paints used
  • Measurements: 131cm high, 76cm wide, 46cm deep
  • FREE Shipping to GB Mainland
This piece of restyled furniture has been hand-painted and hand-finished, and being vintage it has been around for a long time with many years under its belt. I'm sure that you will agree that any minor imperfections that may be present only contribute to its character, charm and history.
Cocktail cabinet, 1930s Great Gatsby