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Gilded wooden plant stand

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A vintage wooden plant stand, painted in green with gilded top and undertier and gilded moulded decorations

Are you looking for a stylish plant stand for your collection of indoor greenery?

Whether your house plants are real or faux, Zen or boho, this elegant plant stand is the perfect stage to display your home greenery.

Painted in a calming and muted dark grey/green with vintage gold leaf detailing on the top. Subtle gold highlights have been added to the piece for that extra little bit of sparkle.

Pretty detailed wooden applique mouldings have been applied in a filigree style pattern to all four faces of the skirt, each one being different and unique.

Standing tall on four elegant cabriole legs, with space on two levels to stage your botanical friends.

Key features
  • Nationwide delivery by our fully insured couriers
  • Free delivery to GB mainland
  • Measurements: 90 cm high, 34 cm square
  • Solid wood
  • High quality, durable and water-resistant, low VOC/eco-friendly paints used
  • Green/grey with gold leaf and gold highlights
  • Flat surfaces varnished for extra protection
  • Painted underneath
This piece of restyled furniture has been hand-painted and hand-finished, and being vintage it has been around for a long time with many years under its belt. I'm sure that you will agree that any minor imperfections that may be present only contribute to its character, charm and history.
Gilded wooden plant stand