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Retro colourful Pop Art sideboard, 1950s 'Mesmer-Eyes'

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Colourful 1950s sideboard featuring Pop Art images and mesmerising geometric design.


Are you looking to take a journey back in time to all the glamour of the 1950s? This is your opportunity to embrace that fabulous era with this wonderfully nostalgic Pop Art sideboard.

Step back in time to the fabulous '50s with this eye-popping 1950s sideboard. This piece is a burst of colour, a splash of fun, and a dash of retro charm, all rolled into one fabulous piece of furniture.

This sideboard is not your average piece of decor; it's like a time machine back to the days of comic-book strips, bubble gum and jukeboxes. Standing at a width of 138 cm, height of 92 cm, and a depth of 45 cm, it's the perfect size for today's modern homes.

Now, let's talk details! The body is painted in a deep neutral green, but the real showstopper is the front: here I have used a fabulous decoupage paper called "Mesmer-Eyes" featuring two pop art girls with bold yellow and orange hair, piercing violet and blue eyes, and luscious pink and red lips, grace the front.

But that’s not all... Every detail has been taken into consideration: orange drawers above yellow hair, yellow drawers above orange hair. At the top, the glass doors with pink and red stripes mirror those luscious colourful lips.

Toning down the colour palette a notch but still packing a punch, the central door features a mesmerizing black-and-white geometric design, giving you a taste of the art scene of the ’50s.

But it's not just about the looks; it's practical too! You'll find four top drawers, painted to match the outside, providing a spot for all your cutlery and barware. The top central display area is perfect for showing off your favourite cocktail glasses, with sliding glass doors for easy access.

Below there are three roomy cupboard areas each with a removable colourful shelf, offering you the flexible storage space you need.

So, if you want your living space to be a conversation starter, a party-ready zone, and a vintage masterpiece all in one, this 1950s sideboard is the answer. It's fun, it's functional, and it's fabulous - all in a size that fits right into your home.

Make it yours now!

Key features
  • 1950s sideboard with a modern twist
  • Painted in Dark green
  • Vintage pop art and geometric design
  • Colour embracing
  • Painted inside (back and underneath)
  • Unique Mid-Century Modern Storage Solution
  • Statement Piece
  • Interior Design Showstopper
  • Width 138 cm, Height 92 cm, Depth 45cm
  • Free Shipping to UK Mainland by private courier
  • Upcycled=sustainable
This piece of restyled furniture has been hand-painted and hand-finished, and being vintage it has been around for a long time with many years under its belt. I'm sure that you will agree that any minor imperfections that may be present only contribute to its character, charm and history.
Retro colourful Pop Art sideboard, 1950s 'Mesmer-Eyes'