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Paint brushes and rollers

A selection of high-quality paint brushes, in sizes and shapes to allow you to paint with ease, no matter what size and shape your project is: from large flat surfaces to awkward corners and spindles.

Super smooth synthetic bristles are the secret to a brush stroke free finish. Choose from Zibra Brushes or Cling-On! Brushes.

A range of specialist brushes for stenciling, waxing, decoupaging, and getting into intricate areas. Choose from Posh Chalk Stencil brushes, smooth and blend brushes, wax extender brushes and detailed moulding brushes.

Smooth and semi-smooth mini microfibre rollers are fantastic for covering larger flat surfaces such as table tops, sideboards and wardrobes. These rollers will deliver a perfect flawless spray-like finish. Choose from Staalmeester or Two Fussy Blokes rollers.

Top Tip: To keep your brushes in silky smooth condition apply a little Fusion brush soap when you clean them.

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