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Staalmeester - Paint rollers

Are you looking for a paint roller that makes quick work of painting your painting project? A roller that leaves a professional smooth spray-like finish with no stippling?

We have all been there: we have a large flat surface and we don’t want to see any brush marks. We need to get the paint on before it starts to dry and drag. We got stressed over the situation and even had to sand back our work because we couldn’t bear the brush marks and track lines. We have tried other paint rollers and the results have been disappointing, leaving an uneven surface that has obviously been applied with a roller.

Well, Staalmeester microfelt microfibre rollers are a real game-changer. They can be used with both water-based and oil-based paints, primers and topcoat lacquers, sealers and varnishes. You can use Staalmeester rollers with your favourite chalk paint, milk paint and mineral paint. They will make super light work of your painting project and they will deliver a smooth finish. Much quicker than painting with a brush and guaranteed to leave no brush marks or stray bristles on your newly painted or varnished surface.

The dense non-shed microfibre sleeves have outstanding paint pick up and release, which means you can obtain a good, even coverage, without having to be constantly reloading your roller. They can be used with both water-based and oil-based paints, primers and topcoats.

Designed to fit any standard bar-type mini roller frame, they feature a solid internal core with a small rotating tube that prevents the roller from sticking. This means that the roller sleeve doesn't flex, compress, bend or skid whilst painting, giving you a consistently smooth finish.

The Staalmeester roller sleeves are easy to clean and durable for continued and repeated use.

If you don't already have a mini roller frame, we recommend Rota short handle mini roller frame 280mm.

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