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Fleur - Paint markers

Are you looking for a paint pen that is permanent, water-based and fade-resistant?

Fleur Chalky Look paint pens are available in a range of 12 vibrant and gorgeous matt colours. All colours are available with a medium tip of 2-4 mm; Titanium White and Black are also available with a fine 1-2mm tip. The colours do not fade and they are suitable for use on most even surfaces including glass.

Fleur Chalky Look marker pens contain acrylic paint consisting of fine minerals and natural pigments. It is these elements that give the paint an intense vibrancy and depth of colour that you would not otherwise see in matt paint.

You don’t have to have perfect handwriting or be a skilled artist to use Fleur Chalky Look paint pens. With their easy flow system, they deliver just the right amount of paint to your project and the tips are firm giving you great control allowing you to write and draw with accuracy. Use them freehand, or through a stencil to add patterns, or to make signs.

With Fleur Chalky Look marker pens you can add simple little additions that can really make your project really personal. They are ideal for furniture upcycling projects, updating items in your wardrobe and adding details to household accessories, such as vases and lamp bases. They are great for personalizing table decorations for dinner parties and all those treasured personal touches for that special wedding day, engagement party or baby shower.

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