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Fusion - Cleaning and preparation

Clean your piece ready for painting with Fusion TSP, an organic phosphate-free cleaner and degreaser. Supplied concentrated so it goes a long way.

Using a primer gives a good foundation to your paint: it smooths out any imperfections and fills open grains on wooden surfaces.

For slippery surfaces where sanding is not an option, Fusion Ultra Grip is a highly effective water-based bonding primer.

Fusion Brush Soap is a must-have for keeping both synthetic filament and natural bristle brushes clean and in tip-top condition, and can also be used to revive brushes with old dried paint in them.

About Fusion
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Fusion Ultra GripFusion Ultra Grip
FusionFusion Ultra Grip
Starting at £15.95
Fusion TSP Alternative
FusionFusion TSP Alternative
Fusion Brush soapFusion Brush soap
FusionFusion Brush soap
Starting at £6.95
Fusion Transition
FusionFusion Transition