Godfrey's Guide to Cling On! brushes

Dos and Don'ts

Always wet your Cling On! brush before use. The fine filaments absorb the water and this allows your paint to flow beautifully onto your project. A quick dip in a glass of water and a gentle spin will do the trick.

Always keep the Cling On!'s feet wet during coats. Don't put it in a bag or clingfilm because the paint will dry onto the bristles and it will damage them.

Don't cover the ferrule or the strings when dipping your Cling On! in the paint.

Never remove the strings: they are there for a reason, and that's to keep the shape of the brush. (Confession: the first one I bought, I cut the string off: I thought they were part of the packaging! 😉)

If you have to dry your Cling On!, hang it up to dry with the filaments hanging down.

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Which Cling On! Brush for which job?

Cling On! brushes come in a good variety of shapes and sizes. It's best to choose the appropriate brush for the type of piece you are painting, but it's also down to personal preference and the brushes that you feel most comfortable with.

In all instances, no matter what your project is, it's best to choose the size of brush most appropriate to the job in hand. As Godfrey always says... you wouldn't dig your garden with a dinner fork, and likewise you wouldn't eat your dinner with a spade.

Cling On! brushes come in oval (O series), round (R series), flat (F series), shorty (S Series), and angled (P Series).

Oval Cling On! brushes


  • O35: Small oval (35mm)
  • O40: Medium oval (40mm)
  • O45: Large oval (45mm)

These are ideal for painting spindles and legs and areas with detailing, blending, etc.

Round Cling On! brushes


  • R12: Extra small round (12mm)
  • R14: Small round (14mm)
  • R16: Medium round (16mm)
  • R18: Large round (18mm)
  • R20: Extra large round (20mm)

These are ideal for painting detailed spindles, banisters, detailed legs, blending, etc.

Flat Cling On! brushes


  • F30: Small flat (30mm)
  • F40: Medium flat (40mm)
  • F50: Large flat (50mm)

These are ideal for large flat surfaces, such as the tops of furniture, wardrobes, drawer fronts, etc.

Shorty Cling On! brushes


  • S30: Small shorty (30mm)
  • S50: Large shorty (50mm)

As the name suggests, these brushes have a shorter handle. A fun looking brush with its drippy painted handle. The end of the handle is bulbous to add extra weight and counter balance the brush for ease of use. This brush is serious fun, a good all-rounder, perfect for blending and also for getting into areas where long-handled brushes might get stuck, such as between shelves, dresser tops, awkward spaces etc.

Angled Cling On! brushes


  • P16: Small angled (16mm)
  • P20: Medium angled (20mm)
  • P24: Large angled (24mm)

These are ideal for those fiddly hard-to-get-to places, such as the back of drawer knobs that can't be removed, the runners on nests of tables, the inside of dresser tops, etc.

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