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Made by Marley - Decoupage papers

Are you looking for a beautifully designed decoupage paper that’s far from a little less ordinary? Then look no further than this stunning collection of decoupage papers from Made By Marley.

Bohemian and vibrant, stylized and intricately created with love. All of these decoupage papers are designed and printed by Made By Marley in the UK.

What makes these papers so unique is the artistic marriage of colour, pattern and subject matter. The designs are inspired by culture, flora and fauna from around the world. meticulously designed down to every last detail, there is always that little extra surprise the more you look.

Made by Marley versatility

Each pack contains 3 A3 sheets (29.7 x 42cm). All of the designs come with a white border which you need to remove, either by cutting it or tearing it depending on the look and type of your design you want to achieve. You can then apply them as they are or you can cut or tear them up and mix them up with other designs. The ways you can use these papers is limitless.

Made by Marley Decoupage papers can be easily blended onto furniture to hide the transition from paper to paint using chalk paint, milk paint, and mineral paint with an added texturiser such as Fusion Fresco.

Top Tip. Plan your design out before you cut or apply your decoupage paper and don’t throw any of your paper away — it can always be used on another project.

How to use and apply Made by Marley decoupage paper

To apply the papers we recommend Fusion Decoupage and Transfer Gel.

Made by Marley decoupage papers are printed onto a newsprint-type paper, which offers several benefits:

  • The printed design is more vibrant
  • You don’t need to apply a white coat of paint before applying the decoupage paper. Thinner papers need this extra step to make the colours pop and the detail stand out.

Apply the glue with a clean paintbrush to the item you want to apply the paper to.

DO NOT apply it directly to the paper. Unlike tissue paper, Made by Marley decoupage won’t bubble or wrinkle. Just make sure your substrate has a good even coat of decoupage glue and the surface is free of any dust, gritty lumps etc.

Top Tip. Apply the paper and make sure it is smoothed down all over. Then don’t fiddle with it or try to rub it. Don’t worry if bubbles appear while it’s wet as they will pull back during the drying process.

Allow the decoupage paper to dry thoroughly then apply one or two coats of water-based topcoat to protect your paper from damage.

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