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Fusion - Mineral paints

Are you looking for water-based furniture paint that requires minimal preparation, is an easy-to-use paint, dries to a smooth, brush-mark-free matt finish, has great coverage, and is durable with no need to wax or varnish to protect it?

Whether you want to paint a chest of drawers, your front door, your kitchen or your garden furniture, then this is the paint for you.

The Fusion™ formula features 100% acrylic resin and is the highest grade strength on the market. Fusion™'s results are nothing less than spectacular, providing furniture painters with a best-in-class paint that features an environmentally conscious formulation, superior durability, and easy one-step application with a built-in top coat.

The ‘Classic Collection’ features 48 gorgeous shades created to inspire and admire.

We now also have the nine colours released for autumn 2022, and the seven new colours released for summer 2023.

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