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Cleaning and preparation

The secret to achieving a durable and professional finish is preparation.

Choose from Fusion TSP, an organic phosphate free none rinse off degreaser. Fleur universal cleaner, a highly effective water-based degreaser, this product is fantastic for removing the sticky residue left by labels on bottles and jars. These products are concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Straight from the jar we have Fleur citrus wax remover which cuts through wax on furniture and paintbrushes with ease.

Using a primer gives a good foundation to your paint: it smooths out any imperfections and fills open grains on wooden surfaces.

For slippery surfaces where sanding is not an option, choose from Fusion Ultra Grip or Fleur Universal Primer. Both are highly effective water-based bonding primers.

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Fusion TSP Alternative
FusionFusion TSP Alternative
Fusion Ultra GripFusion Ultra Grip
FusionFusion Ultra Grip
Starting at £15.95
Fleur Citrus Wax RemoverFleur Citrus Wax Remover - 130ml
FleurFleur Citrus Wax Remover
Starting at £5.95
Fusion Brush Soap
FusionFusion Brush Soap
Fleur Universal PrimerFleur Universal Primer
FleurFleur Universal Primer
£10.95 Sold out
Fusion Transition
FusionFusion Transition
Fleur Universal CleanerFleur Universal Cleaner - 130ml
FleurFleur Universal Cleaner
Starting at £5.95