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Fleur - Cleaning and preparation

Clean your project before you paint with Fleur Universal Cleaner. This can be used in a very dilute form for simple degreasing, but with little or no dilution it will remove heavier grease or persistent dirt. This product is fantastic for removing the sticky residue left by labels on bottles and jars, and can also be used to clean brushes and tools.

Wax is the enemy of paint adhesion. Remove any traces of wax from old furniture before painting with Fleur Citrus Wax Remover. This can also be used to clean wax from brushes.

Using a primer gives a good foundation to your paint: it smooths out any imperfections and fills open grains on wooden surfaces.

For slippery surfaces where sanding is not an option, Fleur Universal Primer is a highly effective water-based bonding primer.

About Fleur Designer's Paint
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Fleur Citrus Wax RemoverFleur Citrus Wax Remover - 130ml
FleurFleur Citrus Wax Remover
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Fleur Universal CleanerFleur Universal Cleaner - 130ml
FleurFleur Universal Cleaner
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