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Finishing and protection

To finish and protect your furniture or woodwork we have a range of fragranced, natural and coloured waxes, varnishes, lacquers, stain & finishing oil, and food-safe hemp oil.

For a modern finish, choose from a selection of lacquers and varnishes and top coat sealers to add that extra durability to your furniture when it’s needed. Choose your perfect finish from matt, satin or gloss.

A versatile range of waxes to protect paintwork and nourish natural wood. Fragranced waxes give a lovely scent to your room and are great for refreshing the insides of cupboards and drawers. Use coloured wax to authentically age and add patina to your furniture.

Stain and finishing oils transform and protect natural wood, great for applying on the tops of furniture such as tabletops. Also, use them over darker painted surfaces as an alternative to water-based stains, lacquers and varnishes.

Hemp oil revives and conditions bare wood including floors, or use on darker painted surfaces to add an extra sheen. This product is also food safe so it can be used on worktops, chopping boards & butchers’ blocks.

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