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Who is Godfrey?

So many people ask me where the name Godfrey’s Ear comes from.

Well, here goes…

Godfrey is a wooden giraffe: he is only three feet tall, but what he lacks in stature he certainly makes up for in personality.

A few years ago, he suffered a life-changing injury which resulted in him losing an ear. I felt so sorry for him and so I decided to make him a new ear and give him a top to toe makeover. Let’s just say he is certainly a colourful character, but I’m afraid he would stand out a country mile on the plains of Africa.

In nature, giraffes are one of the most beautiful and majestic animals and they have the biggest heart of any other land mammal on the planet. Inspired by the essence of their beauty, I like to restyle furniture taking it from the mundane to the “majestic” and so I just had to name my business after this little giraffe called Godfrey.

Godfrey, by the way, is named after Private Godfrey from Dad’s Army, a character I loved as a child. (Oops, showing my age!)

When Godfrey isn’t chewing on his daily diet of mimosa and acacia leaves, he helps with hints and tips in what he calls his "Godfrey’s Guides". Look out for them: they really can be quite useful, but don’t tell him I said that because it will only go all the way up his neck to his head.

Godfrey the giraffe, the inspiration behind Godfrey's Ear