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Restyled furniture for sale

I am truly passionate about painting, transforming and upcycling vintage furniture. I specialise in restyling pieces from the Art Deco period, Mid-century Modern (MCM) and retro furniture.

Before restyling a piece of vintage furniture, it has to speak to me (and yes, I do have conversations with my furniture!). I take into consideration its maker, style, its function and purpose.

I like to really get to know the piece by visualising how it would once have taken pride of place in the family home. Purchased at a time when many people had very little money, meaning they would have to save up for months (if not years) before they could afford that little touch of luxury.

I just can’t bear to let all that pride, love and effort go to waste. Some of their owners may be long gone, but their furniture is as good today as it was when the long-awaited day finally arrived and they stepped into their local department store to choose it.

All the pieces below are now ready and waiting to make their journey to your home where they can be loved once more.

Why choose vintage furniture?

Deciding to invest in a piece of vintage furniture is a sustainable choice in helping to save the environment and our planet. It gives you the freedom and the opportunity to create a truly personal, unique and stylish interior design statement for your home, your stamp, and your mark. It’s your chance to become distinguish yourself from the crowds who are so easily led by fast-made, mass-produced and indistinguishable furniture, which, more often than not has been transported from the other side of the world.

Vintage furniture will make your home feel very special; it has character and soul and will be unique to you. My customers often say “That’s different”, to which I always reply “It’s good to be different!” Vintage furniture really can tell a story that no modern piece ever can: it gives a nod to the past and a smile to the future.

Owning a piece of vintage furniture can give you a sense of pride and nostalgia, a feeling you simply cannot experience from new furniture. My ethos is to respect the character of the piece while always delivering a structurally sound and fully functioning item of furniture ready for its new chapter in life.

A great deal of love, care and attention goes into every refurbishment I undertake so that you can enjoy your furniture for many years to come.

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