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Posh Chalk - Patina waxes

Are you looking for a gilding wax to give your project a pop of metallic magic, or a shading wax to add age or depth to your project?

Posh Chalk Patina Waxes (oil-based) and Aqua Patina Waxes (water-based) are a collection of highly pigmented jewel-like metallics and intensely coloured shading waxes. A perfect combination for both ageing and highlighting surfaces, giving added depth, interest and dimension to your project.

These patina waxes are so easy to apply. Just use them sparingly using a paint brush, lint free cloth, sponge or your finger tip. Allow them to dry and buff to bring out the patina if required.

They look great on carved mouldings, furniture hardware, mirror frames, mixed media, crafting projects and artwork.

With 6 beautiful oil-based colours, 5 jewel-like water-based, and 3 'precious' metallic colours in the range, you can also mix the patinas in your very own custom combinations.

Suitable for many surfaces including metal, wood, plaster, cardboard, plaster, and glass.

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