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Fusion - Accents

Dive into the world of creative finishing with the Fusion Mineral Paints Accent Collection—a carefully curated selection of specialised products designed to elevate furniture restoration projects.

Decoupage and Transfer Gel is perfect for adding intricate designs and personal touches to pieces. Paint Extender is indispensable for those seeking to smooth out their work with extended drying times. Achieve raised, dimensional effects with the Smooth Embossing Paste, or add depth and age with Glazes, available in both Clear and Antiquing options.

The Fusion Crackle Texture introduces an aged, crackled effect that adds character, while the Fresco Texturising Powder offers a pathway to create bespoke, textured surfaces.

Beyond textures, the collection also features Fusion Pouring Resin and Cell Enhancer, key for artists exploring the dynamic world of pour art and looking to achieve cellular effects in their work.

Each product offers its unique benefits, from enhancing the durability of finishes to unlocking new creative possibilities. Ideal for both novice and experienced upcyclers, this collection not only promises high-quality results but also ensures projects stand out with professional, eye-catching finishes.

Transform vintage finds into bespoke treasures with the Fusion Mineral Paints Accent Collection.

About Fusion
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Fusion Decoupage and transfer gelFusion Decoupage and transfer gel
Fusion Clear and Antiquing glazesFusion Clear and Antiquing glazes
Fusion Paint extender
FusionFusion Paint extender
Fusion Fresco texturising powderFusion Fresco texturising powder
FusionFusion Fresco texturising powder
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Fusion Crackled texture
Fusion Cell enhancerFusion Cell enhancer
Fusion Pouring resinFusion Pouring resin