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Fusion - Metallic paints

Are you looking for luxurious metallic paint to add shimmer and glamour to your project? A metallic that glides on smoothly, leaving a hard-wearing brush mark-free to finish?

Fusion Mineral paint metallics are made from pure mica powder, which is a natural pearlescent mineral found in rock.

Take your furniture painting to the next level and choose from 10 gorgeous shades, from the softest of pearls to the brightest of golds. A colour palette perfect for creating a modern glamorous look or one with a subtle and timeless aged patina.

Fusion metallics are super sheer so if you intend to paint an entire piece of furniture, I recommend you first paint your piece in a similar colour to your chosen metallic, for example, apply grey under silver or yellow/cream under gold.

Fusion metallics are so versatile. Use them to accentuate a piece of carving, brush them on trims and detailing to give definition, brighten up the hinges and hardware, apply them through a pretty stencil, mix them in with your favourite Fusion Mineral Paint for a touch of iridescent sparkle, or mix with Fusion Pouring resin to create fluid artwork on your furniture and canvases.

Fusion metallics are also ideal for upcycling home décor, accessories, wedding table pieces and crafting projects.

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