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Guild Lane - GILD

Are you looking to get that opulent look you find with gold leaf, but without all the mess, faff and fuss of traditional gold leaf sheets?

Then look no further than these gorgeous self-levelling gilding enamels from Guild Lane.

What are Guild Lane gilding enamels?

They are an innovative and highly reflective self-levelling enamel paint. They have a semi-viscous flow with exceptional coverage that produces a rich, lustrous, tarnish-free finish.

Guild Lane gilding enamels are beautiful highly pigmented and vibrant paints giving you a fantastic faff-free alternative to traditional gilding techniques. Guild Lane GILD comes in 6 gorgeous water-based shades plus 1 oil-based shade, Chrome.

No need to use size, leaf and varnish to add opulence, these gilding enamels give you a flawless finish and exceptional results using just one fabulous product, saving you both time and money, and have a greater vibrancy than you can find in typical metallic paints.

Suitable for numerous surfaces including paper, wood, glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, and textiles. Perfect for gilding frames, furniture detailing such as carvings and mouldings, painting figurines and scale models, signs, holiday crafts, costume detailing, and much more!

Try GILD today and enjoy a 10% introductory discount (offer available for a limited time only).

About Guild Lane
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Guild Lane GILD - GoldGuild Lane GILD - Gold
Guild LaneGuild Lane GILD - Gold
Starting at £12.59
Guild Lane GILD - ChromeGuild Lane GILD - Chrome
Guild LaneGuild Lane GILD - Chrome
£11.69 £12.99 Sold out
Guild Lane GILD - ChampagneGuild Lane GILD - Champagne
Guild Lane GILD - SilverGuild Lane GILD - Silver
Guild LaneGuild Lane GILD - Silver
Starting at £9.89
Guild Lane GILD - Rose GoldGuild Lane GILD - Rose Gold
Guild Lane GILD - CopperGuild Lane GILD - Copper
Guild LaneGuild Lane GILD - Copper
Starting at £9.89
Guild Lane GILD - BronzeGuild Lane GILD - Bronze
Guild LaneGuild Lane GILD - Bronze
Starting at £9.89